NM PREP Virtual

2020 Virtual Experience | July 6 – 31

Applications close Wednesday, July 8th. Please apply here and we will be in touch. 

Requirements: Any 6 – 12th grade Student, Commitment for Entire Program, Computer with Internet
Cost: Materials (~$80.00)

Since 2016, New Mexico State University’s College of Engineering has hosted the NM PREP Middle School Academy and NM PREP High School Academy. These intensive two-week residential summer STEM programs are held on the campus of New Mexico State University. This year, due to COVID-19, we had to get a bit creative in order to host the NM PREP Academy, and in the process, we decided to offer a whole NEW program: NM PREP Virtual.

Just like the Academies, NM PREP Virtual has been designed to spark student interest in STEM, specifically in engineering by offering hands-on activities that simulate real-world engineering experiences. This self-paced Middle and High school program, beginning July 6th, will incorporate four to five hand-on projects with in-depth lessons that will dive deep into engineering concepts and disciplines. With access to the instructor during designated office hours, any student has the opportunity to successfully complete this month-long program. 

NM PREP Virtual is open to any middle school or high school student who wants to learn more about STEM in a fun hands-on way. There is no cost to apply, however, you will need to purchase the project materials (~$80.00). You will also need access to a computer and the internet. 

Apply Here

Materials to Purchase

Although these materials are not required to participate, the program is greatly enhanced by interacting with the concepts and theories in a hands-on manner. It is suggested that each of the following materials is purchased for the program, but you can also pick-and-choose to match your budget. 

Middle School Materials:

ESTES Rockets**

1x Any Beginner Level Rocket (Launcher Optional): Purchase Here 

Pitsco Education

1x SunEZoon Solar Powered Cars: Purchase Here. Out of stock until July 1. You may wait to purchase or purchase this item instead.

50x 1/4″ diameter x 7-3/4″ length straws*: Purchase pack of 100 Here

50x pipe cleaners*: Purchase pack of 250 Here

Circuit Scribe

1x Basic Kit (Discount Code – NMSU15): Purchase Here 


High School: 

ESTES Rockets**

1x Wizard Rocket or any other Intermediate Level Rocket: Purchase Here 

Pitsco Education

1x Shockwave Electric Car: Purchase Here.  

 25x Balsa Wood Strips 1/8″ x 1/8″ x (36″ or 24″): Purchase Pack of 50 Here 


1x Hero Starter Kit (Discount Code – MarioHero): Purchase Here

Wood Glue* 

X-acto Knife* 

Fine Sandpaper* 





Contact Us

Engineering New Mexico Resource Network
(575) 646-2913


* Use your own if you already have this item at home. 

** In order to launch the rockets, an engine and starter pack is necessary. However, they are not required for the program.