Past Games

 2016 Bet the Farm

After last year’s success in introducing the use of robotics to assist with mining, BRI has decided to tackle an even more basic human necessity—food production!

For the last 155 years, BLT Farms, Inc. has done things the old-fashioned way on their farm. Horse-drawn plows slowly gave way to tractors and combines. BLT Farms has always been an early adopter of new technology, but not much has really changed for the small family farm recently. The family’s four children have all gone away to college and come home with some new ideas about the future of their farm including hydroponics and using robots on the farm. Their ideas are not the same, and arguments between the siblings has caused a ruckus on the homestead. To add to the problem, there’s been a bit of a drought lately and water is scarce. To determine what to do in terms of technology implementation on the farm, the family seeking input from your company.